There isn't a formula for finding true and long lasting love but there are things that you can do to get yourself ready for it, putting you in the best possible position to find it.  Get Ready for Love is all about creating the right conditions for a healthy and happy love life.

Get Ready for Love - the 30 day online course

Take your love life out of the hands of fate and into your own hands with this 30 day online course, done at your own pace and designed to help you turn your love life around. It's been featured in Psychologies and Grazia magazine and has had amazing results for over 500 women so far... now let's see what it does for you.

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Get Ready for Love - the 3 month coaching programme

Work with Vicki as your personal love coach for 3 months, as you work through fears, limiting beliefs and negative relationship patterns that could be holding you back. You will learn how to make space in your life for love, how to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and how to approach dating. It is designed for you if you're ready to transform your love life.